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Aqua - Water exercise is great for the entire body. Being in the water takes pressure off all the joints and reduces body weight by 90%!

Cardio Funk - If you're looking for a fun dance based on cardio class filed with high energy, enthusiasm and great music this is it. Hi/Low, jazz, modern, funk, etc... You never know what you'll get!

Cycle 45 - The cycle classes are fun, athletic, cardiovascular workouts. You'll burn lots of calories, get lean, increase lower body strength and improve your cardiovascular endurance. This includes Aerobic Endurance Intervals, Anaerobic Threshold Intervals, Hills and Strength and Speed play!

Dancing with the Seniors - Move it up, down, round and round... shake it, stir it, and get a little wild with it. Can you do it? PALEEZE Seniors started it all!!!

Drums Alive - (Resist-A-Ball) Cardio plus the powerful beat and rhythms of drumming. It's a workout for the entire body, mind and spirit!

Hip-Hop 101 - Get ready for the break down with the hottest hip-hop music. This class moves your body step by step, with fun choreography to get your feet moving and hear pumping.

Master Step - Do you love advanced step choreography? Come join this non-stop step party and enjoy being challenged physically as well as mentally!

Muscle Cut-N-Define - Join us as we "raise the bar" in this strength training class designed for all fitness levels. You'll improve muscle strength and endurance.

No Limits Circuit - This intense athletic workout uses a variety of equipment and cycles to help you get results. You'll never be bored.

Pilate's Fusion - Learn to utilize and strengthen your "power house" deep abdominal muscles, oblique and lower back. Well integrate body and mind for total performance.

Senior Mix - Combine cardio and strength training in a simple, less intense easy to follow workout.

Senior Strictly Strength - If you're new to strength training or simply prefer a less intense workout this is the class for you. Getting started and getting more out of your day-to-day activities is the focus. A variety of equipment is used and modifications will be given.

Spin-n-Tag - You'll burn tons of calories in this fierce but fun cycle class with an extra thighs, abs, and gluts workout included.

Stretched and Balanced - Balance work and traditional stretches will increase your range of motion and mobility, improve recovery time and reduce muscle stiffness and soreness. Remember flexibility is a healthy way of life.

Strictly Strength - This multi level class is for anyone who wants to develop muscular strength and endurance. We'll tackle "basic" resistance training exercise using traditional, strategic principles. This simple, easy to follow workout challenges every major muscle using a variety of equipment

Tag - 30 minutes of focused weight training on the thighs, abs and gluts. Various equipment and your own body weight will provide an awesome workout.

The Mix - Combine cardio, traditional step and strength and you'll have a high energy, full-body resistance training mix!

Walk Aerobics - Improve cardiovascular health while enjoying movement in a non-intimidating environment. Great for beginners!

Young at heart - If you're new to the "fitness world" come join us! We warm your body up with simple easy to follow cardio moves. Then we use a chair to sit and do upper body strength movements. Functional range of movement is our goal. Great music from the 50's, 60's, and 70's will take you back in time.


*Classes must have a consistent attendance of 5 to remain on the schedule!!






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